August 14, 2010

Heritage Makers Reunion 2010

Wow what a couple of days my fellow Heritage Maker Consultants had at Reunion 2010 in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. This year they went to the Arizona Biltmore. I was not able to attend this year, due to family commitments. Last year I was able to attend Reunion in Las Vegas, NV, an experience I so much wanted to beable to do again this year!

Each year HM Consultants all get together for a few days of energizing fun, training, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Not to mention the recognition that is available to every consultant! One of the great things ( and there are Many) about Heritage Makers and the incredible company that they are, is that Heritage Makers makes it possible for consultants to earn the Reunion Trip for FREE! Heritage Makers offers the Highest Quality Products and is on the very cutting edge of a Personal Online Publishing company. Heritage Makers is a company that recognizes the extreme value of preserving heritage, strengthening families all done thru the Power of Storybooking!

Each year HM Consultants gather at Reunion for several days of fun, recognition and training. This year we went to Phoenix and the gorgeous Arizona Biltmore. Consultants are given many opportunities to earn this trip for FREE. Check out the photos and see what an incredible company Heritage Makers is. Not only does Heritage Makers provide the highest quality products and cutting edge personal online publising, it is a company that recognizes the value of preserving heritage and strengthening families through the power of Storybooking. Heritage Makers offers an unconditional Heirloom Quality Assurance Guarantee .

One of the most anticipated ( and again there are many) presentations at Heritage Makers Reunion, is the Best of Heritage Awards, which are presented in video form. What the Best of Heritage Awards are; are very moving specific stories that have been done or told throughout the past year. I want to share the best of Heritage Awards that were given this year at Heritage Makers Reunion.

THIS IS WHY - I LOVE HERITAGE MAKERS! and became a Consultant myself. It was all because I myself had stories to tell! That of my youngest Daughter Emilee, and her premature birth, my family, my own life story, and also to tell the story of my Daughter Tabitha - whom I lost in 1988 due to premature birth. It is a book that I work on using the few photos that I had and still have. It is a book that in writing it, is a healing process. When I complete that Book - in the months to come, I too will share that book here. But in the mean time, please take time to watch these three Best of Heritage - Heritage Makers Stories. Here is also a link to my Heritage Makers Playlist on You Tube with these videos.

NEXT- Run DO NOT- walk - or waste 7 months as I did - to Join, create an account for FREE! - and begin Your Story Today, preserving your precious memories, family history, and photos! Every Photos has a Story, and Every Story deserves a book of it's own. - Therefore- "EveryBody has a Story, What is Yours?"

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Best of Heritage Makers 2010- Tribute - "Tristan's Visit"

Best of Heritage - History "War Heroine"

Best of Heritage Makers 2010 - Memorial "Jennifer Gilbert"

August 12, 2010

Important Announcements from Heritage Makers!

At Heritage Makers Reunion event in Phoenix this week, an exciting announcement is being made. (Along with all the new products, art, and NEW Catalog!)

Heritage Makers will be introducing a Publishing Points system. This is great news for you!

We are in the process of turning all credits into the new HM publishing point system.
As of August 16, 2010 the credits in your account will be given their equivalent point value. 

We are so excited for points!

Here's why: 

• Credits are being converted to the retail price of the item you purchased. 

• You can now use your points on any product, but you aren't tied into the product you originally purchased.

• You can easily create birthday gifts, holiday presents, or home d├ęcor without worrying about purchasing a specific item.

All newly purchased points will now expire after two years instead of one year. All previously purchased credits that have been converted to points will expire two years from the date the credit was purchased. Logging into the HM site after the conversion happens will allow you to see the new expiration date for your points.
The points system is going to make creating your favorite Heritage Makers projects much easier. You should notice the change in your account by August 16th.

In order to roll out publishing points and new development code, the main Heritage Makers website will be unavailable Sunday August 15 at 8:00 p.m. until Monday August 16 at 6:00 a.m. MDT.