June 11, 2011

What is the Heartbeat of Heritage Makers?

Storybooking is the heartbeat of Heritage Makers. We Are the Storytellers. It is the storyteller in every age who are responsible..... to create the traditions of their society. Stories revisit the events of our past, recall their significance and meaning .... and create understanding for those who were not yet present. Photographs freeze moments of the present, before they slip forever into the past.... to hold their significance for future considerations and Generations. Storybooks combine the power of stories and the image of richness of ... photos, to bring maximum remembrance and understanding. The Goal --- To Share our stories, to capture, define, and transfer the legacies of out heritage. Heritage the moral compass of the individual, family, We are .... Storybooking.

June 5, 2011

Story Booking with Heritage Makers

Your Story Books Online with Heritage Makers is your very own online personal publishing company!
For anyone who loves the idea of preserving and sharing their photos, stories and family history for future generations but can't be bothered with paper scraps, scissors, glue & mess!

Just upload your photos, drag & drop into your chosen project, then click "publish"! In approximately 2 weeks your beautiful hard cover album designed by you arrives at your door!
These personalized memory keepers are finished in a fraction of the time and cost as any other method! Its as easy as that. :) Please Join me!