April 27, 2009

Introduction ! My First Post! ON my 50th Birthday!!

This Blog is to share my love of STORY and my love of BOOKS - And helping you to tell your story! EVERYBODY has one - Please let me help you tell yours!

I give credit to my Dad - he always had a book in his hands - or was reading -


My Mom - she let me go wild with the little brownie camera to take pictures with.

I began the love of photography at about 10 years of age - and have passed this love of Photography and Reading Books ~ onto my own children - Never in my wildest dreams - did I think this would turn into a business on my 50th Birthday! One that I can share and help my children with as well.

My two daughters are also going to do this as a part time business - if you would like to make some extra income - then please contact me at

or leave a comment for me to connect with you here.

I will be dedicating this blog to helping you preserve your family legacy. A picture is worth a thousand words but it only tells half the story. On this blog you will find interesting ideas to jumpstart your journaling and ideas for photo opportunities. I will also share layouts and most importantly, I hope to inspire you to start recording your family history so that the memories of today will not be lost to the generations of tomorrow.

This was a gift to me - this opportunity - and for it to be a continued gift - I must "Pay it Forward" - and look so forward to the Months and Years ahead!

Have a great Day and Happy Story Telling!

Becky C

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