December 13, 2011

It is Time to Organize Your Photos & Heritage Makers CLUB HM & Premier

The very idea of of organizing years and years of family photos, pictures, children's art work, mementos and recollecting all the memories that accompany all that which we hold dear to our heritage, our life, can be so very overwhelming, to say the least. I have been at it for a life time, but as and when life interrupts even our best laid plans, we get side tracked with the just plain LIVING of LIFE and life's interruptions. As we are nearing the end of 2011, we all begin to reflect on the activities of the past year, especially those who we love so dearly and have passed on. Those friends and family members who are no longer with us here on earth, but left us with a life time of wonderful memories, stories, joy and laughter. They are those foot prints in the sands of time. Our Loved ones.

For the past three years I have been hitting it pretty hard and heavy, getting PHOTOS ORGANIZED. It is not perfect by any means ~but at least it is better than where it has or had been! And I do have a ways to go ..... The Point is.... It is one Pile or subject or year at a time. Good grief, I figure it is Years and years and years of Photos and I just do not want them sitting in the back closet or top of the book shelf collecting dust or subject to unforeseen destruction. Some of us are just the Heritage Keepers, the Keepers of Life's Stuff! The Keepers of Legacies to be passed on ...........

I have been gathering, collecting, cleaning and scanning old photos from well over 50 plus years. Going thru and collecting & gathering together photos dating back to my great Grand Parents, Grand Parents, my family, my children, friends AND all those photos taken that were sitting in old magnetic photos albums and photo boxes.

It gets to be A LOT of photos! But, loving pictures like I do it has been so fun & enjoyable going back and remembering! OH but ~ then let's add in the 100's of Thousands of photos that I have taken or that have been taken since Digital Camera's first came out!!! Uffda!! I have always loved photography and with the invention of the point and shoot digital camera, it allowed me to really go to town taking and snapping pictures as long as I had batteries! I have never run out of object or subjects to take pictures of!

Digital Cameras have been out now for about 10 years, good grief how time has flown by!! I have not really even gotten started with taking pictures with my cell phone, as they just are not that good and clear anyway, since I still have a plain ole' easy to use "Grandma Phone" and have not up graded to either the Droid or iPhone, heck my youngest daughter even takes pictures with her iPod! I have been just content with the old iPods that my kids have put along the wayside for the newer, bigger and better ones! Just gotta love Technology!

Through the years I have crashed computers, dropped external hard drives, run flash drives thru the washing machine and either cracked, scratched or warped CD's. Then I would upgrade or changed computer systems! Remember those little floppies? Izzsh! I have come a long way from working on an Apple IIe in 1984! Again, Just gotta love Technology!

If you’re like me, or how I used to be, the very idea of organizing and doing something with all my pictures and photos can be very overwhelming, and we tend to put it off ~ BECAUSE we just do not have TIME! or want to MAKE or TAKE the Time! But, then when you start, what and where do you begin to store all those pictures AND to STORE or Archive them SAFELY after all that work of organizing them, sure hate to loose them!! The need to store them AWAY from the possibility of either fire, flood or and in our case Tornados, where as in other parts of the country Hurricanes. We had a neighboring town of Wadena, Minnesota go thru the devastation of a F5 Tornado last year in June 2010. Watching it on Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel brought back such memories, I can only imagine how those in the Wadena Community felt. I also had a friend of mine, loose her entire house to the devastation of a fire, loosing nearly everything, horribly her Heirloom Family Photographs that will never be recovered. She got out safely for which we all are so very grateful and the surrounding community of family and friends helped her go thru the clean up.

I ran across Heritage Makers - or I think Heritage Makers ran into me! In the late fall of 2008. I have since, become a crazy Heritage Maker and I love it! I can not say enough about this company and all the awesome wonderful beautiful products that are offered, plus the unlimited creativity, training and service! There just is no other Company out there ....... Like Heritage Makers!

Oprah has said it too! "Every Picture has a Story and every Story deserves a book of it's Own"! Or I like to change it up a bit and say- "Every Picture deserves a Project of it's Own!" For the Third year in a row - Heritage Makers is on Oprah's List of best gifts to Give - go here to check it out.

Heritage Makers offers both a Basic and a Premier Membership which is a $20.0 per month value and FREE with CLUMHM. And.... what is Club HM & Premier Membership you say?? What is the difference?

Well with Premier Membership you’ll find hundreds of free community and professionally-designed templates, and thousands of pieces of digital art with more being added monthly. It’s like having free reign in a scrapbook store "A Scrapbook Store on Steroids!"

Here Is a Video that explains more about Premier - at the Heritage Makers YouTube Channel -

Premier membership gives:

unlimited photo storage

unlimited creative possibilities

• over 65,000 pieces of digital art (a collection valued at well over $5,000!)

• more than 7,200 beautiful templates

special pricing on Heritage Makers products

free product upgrades (matte finish, black end sheets)

AND ~~~ Did I mention??


Did you know that with a Heritage Makers premier membership you have the ability to store and organize all your pictures in a safe place. Here’s what you get:

unlimited photo storage

unlimited project creation and storage

• new art monthly

• free online master classes

• over 7,200 templates to choose from, updated daily and 100% editable

• the ability to pull your pictures back off your account in high resolution for free

• photo sharing abilities (email your pictures to a friend)

The best part is, CLUB HM Membership AND Premier Membership is FREE with a Club HM membership at either $30, $50, Or $100 per month and YOU decide your savings plan. 3 Month membership commitment is required.

Here is a short video on ClubHM with Heritage Makers


I also have a scanning service where I can take your shoeboxes OR photo boxes and and old albums of pictures and turn them into CD’s for you in a matter of hours. I can or will also load them onto your Heritage Makers account for free!

Scanning is available for as little as $.19/scan – call today to book your scanning appointment.

Please Remember how to contact me-

either by email - YourStoryBooksOnline (@)

or thru my website: - (send me a message)

or Please call - c:701-429-1501

or Home Office - 218-584-5510

I would love to help YOU get started Organizing Your Photos and Memories of a life time, or even just a special time. We have story Map to help you get started.

Have a Great Holiday Season Everyone! Most of all Enjoy your time with Family and Friends and TAKE Pictures!! Go through the Photos and find out the Family stories the Family Heritage, Start organizing today!

Have a great Holiday season and Merry Christmas

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