September 7, 2011

Big New announcement from Heritage Makers - from their blog: 

PROVO, UTAH, September 7, 2011 – Heritage Makers, a pioneer in the memory preservation and personal publishing industry, today announced that it has partnered with ZenPrint, a Salt Lake based digital printing and fulfillment firm, to broaden its production capabilities and resources.
“We are excited about the possibilities that this new opportunity brings,” says Heritage Makers president Patti Gardner. “As a result of this merger we will have access to many new product and technology options that will allow us to continue to improve our operational quality and level of service.”
In order to maintain current brand equity and service existing customers ZenPrint will retain its name, but equipment and personnel will be moved to the Heritage Makers production facility. Justin Biggs will become the General Manager of the new company.
All Heritage Makers and ZenPrint products will be produced at the current Home Office location under the continued direction of Justin Biggs and the existing production staff. “This new alliance will allow me to focus my efforts on technology and overall operations; while at the same time helping develop new products to enhance the Heritage Makers line,” says Justin.
Patti Gardner will remain as President of Heritage Makers along with Brytt Cloward as VP of Sales and Marketing. Their respective teams will continue to direct Heritage Makers sales, marketing, customer services, Studio development, and all other support activities.
“This is a great opportunity for Heritage Makers,” says Patti. “It gives our staff and consultants the opportunity to really focus on the core business of Heritage Makers while having a trusted partner continue to help us maintain and grow our extraordinary product line. It’s been an amazing year and this change allows us to bring on new sales and marketing staff to provide our consultants with the tools and marketing materials that will help them be successful. We couldn’t be more excited!”

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