May 21, 2011

May the Month of Memoials

The Month of May to many means the end of winter and the start of Spring, Mothers Day, Graduation, and Memorial Day. These special holidays or events remind us to remember...... Remembering is to memorialize some event, place or someone. Be it your Mother, a son or daughter who is graduating from High School or College. Memorial Day is most importantly to remember those Men and Women who have died while in Serving in the Military or Armed Forces. Everyone of us has had or has a family member or friend who has or is in one branch of Service or another. They are our heroes, family or friends we honor and memorialize for their Service and Sacrifice to this Country. We of course often kick off Memorial Day activities by maybe going to a Memorial Day Service or Event which often includes placing decorations on the graves of Family Members or loved ones, paying special attention to those who died in while in Military Service, or Served at some point of time in their lives.......stepping back - and remembering.......silently saying a prayer of thanks to them for their service. What do you do? How do you remember those special Heroes in our lives?

Those Veterans who served or are still in service have a very special place in my heart. My Son, has been a United States Navy Sailor now for almost 16 years, he is our family Hero!! We humbly and quietly honor him, each in our own quiet way. We are all so very PROUD of his chosen career, and I must say, we know he is darn good at it too. Even tho he does not tell us much of anything. His wonderful wife, Tracy, is his confidant. I created this poster showing my son at various stages of his career. It is one of my many projects I create using Studio 3.0 at Heritage Makers, I used a template another consulant created and tweaked it to fit what I liked and the photos I have of my son. It took me less than 20 minutes to create it! I am still working on his Navy Career Storybook!

Who do you want to remember? What Soldier or Military Service member in your family, has a story you want to make sure family members will remember? Might it be a Grandfather, Uncle, or maybe your Dad, or your own son or daughter who is now serving in the Military. Everybody has a Story? What is theirs?

Go here to start your Memorial Book, I would love to help you get started.

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