October 4, 2010

Heritage Makers Studio Showcase!

There are so many reasons why I love Heritage Makers, one being is the sharing of ideas from other Heritage Maker Consultants and Clients.  There gets to be many, many different outstanding creative ideas submitted for everyone to share, thus,  creating a huge template collection or Gallery,  that is often added to every week.  To date there is almost 3700 templates in the Template Gallery.  Using Heritage Makers to create beautiful books, calendars, flip and swatchbooks, Decks of Cards, postcards, invites and greeting cards, scrap pages, canvases, the possibilities are never ending and only limited by your own imagination.  And if you are like myself, my imagination and creativity skills are not as fine tuned as many of my fellow Consultants and or clients with  Heritage Makers, and in the process, they  become the Heritage Maker of their families.  I love that I can sit down and in a matter of a few minutes create a page, or Canvas, which with Traditional Scrapbooking would take me hours and hours, and quite frankly lots of STUFF!  and room and space besides! 
Here is a beautiful story on the POWERFUL, Powerful impact that a little tiny 5x5 book can have....... on so many, Little Tristan and his family will have reached out and touched many, in his very short brief time here on earth.  This too is one of the reasons that I found Heritage Makers, or I would rather say, Heritage Makers found me.  I wanted to be able to do a memory book, about my own daughter, Tabitha, that I lost 22 years ago.
Thank you Arae - for sharing your Story, your family and your son Tristan, with us, and Yes, there is a reason for everything.   I have had the Joy and honor of "meeting a new friend, in you."

Heritage Makers creates outstanding videos showcasing the many benefits of using the Studio 3, and Premier membership.  

This video highlights some of the best entries submitted to the Best of Heritage "Studio Showcase"

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WHAT STORY do you know, and is just waiting to be told?  

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